Is Broad Match The Best For Mobile PPC?

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Understanding user behavior can help you boost the performance of your PPC campaigns. Understanding where a user is in the purchase cycle can help you decide how much to bid on certain terms. Utilizing proper structure and variations of match type can also help increase performance.

When creating a laptop/desktop based campaign in Adwords it is important to not over use broad match. Google takes liberty in matching your keywords to a wide array of search queries and if you are not careful you can end up spending money on clicks that may not be relevant. Laptops and desktops enable users to not misspell search queries and use longer tailed search terms.

But What About Mobile?

Due to user behavior on mobile phones, an account owner needs to rethink the above mentioned strategy. On mobile phones, search queries are shorter, misspellings occur often and the use of broad match may help you reach an optimal audience.

Due to phone sizes, small keys and auto-correct, search queries tend to be misspelled. Here at Front Street, we dove deep into one of our client accounts and took at look at their mobile campaign. When looking at their 5 head keywords and the search queries that lead to clicks – of the 289 clicks from last week 119 were misspellings. That is 41% of the search queries entered were misspellings.

If broad match was not being utilized, these potential customers would not have landed on our customers site. User behavior is an important factor to consider when creating your Mobile PPC campaign. When building out your account you may want to utilize broad match more heavily then you would with a laptop/desktop targeted campaign where misspellings and less frequent and searches use longer tailed search queries.


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