How To Set Up Google Adwords Remarketing

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If you are running a Google Adwords PPC campaign to drive traffic to you website, setting up a retargeting campaign can be a great way to convert those users who clicked on an ad but did not convert on their visit. If you are not familiar with Google’s retargeting program here is how it works:

When users click on one of your ads but do not convert, you are able to display ads through Google’s Display Network to attract them back to your site. As they visit sites on Google’s Display Network, your advertisement will be shown to them. There are different settings you can use to make sure you are targeting users who are interested in your product or service and to make sure you display the correct ad.

Within the settings function you can decide at what point a user is worth retargeting. For some, this may be every visitor that reaches your site, for others you may only want to target visitors that reach a product page or add an item to the shopping car on your site. If you would like to show different ads the further along someone goes in your conversion path, you can set that up as well.

Here are step by step instructions on how to set up a Google Retargeting Campaign:

Create a new campaign – it is a good idea to include ‘Retageting’ in your campaign name so it is easily identifiable.

Within the campaign settings select the geo-targeting settings that work for your business, the networks you wish to target and the budgets, bidding options and other settings.

After saving the campaign you will need to create your first ad group. You will want to name the ad group something specific. If you planned on targeting visitors who put an item in your shopping cart but did not convert consider putting ‘Shopping Cart Bounce’ or something similar into the ad group name.

Once you have created your ad group you will need to create ads. Here you have the ability to create text ads, create display ads or upload display ads you have already created. You will want to make sure your ads stand out and have a clear call to action.

After uploading your ads clicks on the ‘Audiences’ tab. Here you will be able to create and select the exact visitors you wish to retarget. As mentioned above you can select all of the visitors who have reached your site or narrow it down to more specific visitors such as those who left your shopping cart or exited somewhere else in your conversion funnel.

Next, you will need to place a piece of code on your website. This code will keep track of the visitors on your site and enable you to retarget them at a later time on different sites. This code must be placed or your retargeting campaign will not function.



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