How Google Adword’s API Can Help Create Great Text Ads

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When managing a large SEM account that needs to deliver time sensitive material through text ads using Google’s API can be a tremendous tool. For large eCommerce clients that often change pricing or have product specific sales, setting up the ability to easily edit your ads can be invaluable.

If you happen to be using a tool such as ClickEquations, Kenshoo or Marin, you are already taking advantage of Google Adwords API capabilities. But to really get the most out of it, you can use it to create ads that display up to the minute statistics, savings or other important information in regards to your business.

What it does:

Google enables you to connect your text ads through API to a database where you can update items such as pricing, percentages, saving numbers or other things you would want to include within a text ad.

Why Use It?

It saves time, ad become more targeted and relevant and you can differentiate yourselves from competitors.

How it can be used: 

In many competitive markets, advertisers utilize different tactics in their text ads. Some display savings, prices and even the amount of the product left in inventory. This tactic can help increase your text ads CTR. But what about those who’s prices are frequently changing? It can be tedious to update ads for a large account.

For those in this position and for those who have access to development resources, you can connect your text ads to a database through Google Adwords API. Within this database you can hold different items you would like to keep in your text ads.

For example, lets say you manage an account that is in the electronics company and has frequent sales and discounts to attract customers. To edit all of the ads across all the products your client offers can take a very long time.

You could set up a database with a table that holds the current prices or discounts related with each specific product. You can then easily edit this table with new discount percentages or price numbers and have the API tool edits all of your ads.

If you happen to manage an account where rates change frequently depending on the time of the year or by state you can structure your campaigns accordingly and update the database to easily show your new rates.

Google Adword’s API tool can be extremely helpful and provide a competitive advantage over your competitors. If you happen to manage an account where this would fit, I would suggest working with your development team to create such an API.

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