Writing The Perfect PPC Text Ad

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Over the past few posts on the Front Street Consulting blog we have covered some examples of text ad testing. Some of our readers reach out and wanted info on creating the copy for text ads. So here it is, how to write the perfect text ad!

What you want to text ad to accomplish:

A properly written text ad should attract searchers that are likely to convert for your business. You should not be worried about attracting as many users as you can, you should be attracting the most relevant searchers that are willing to buy your product or convert on your site. This can be accomplished by writing a quality text ad.

So what makes up a quality text ad?


Google allows you to have up to 25 characters in the title section of your ad. This is the top section of you ad that is underlined like a hyperlink. See the picture below.

When creating a title it should be relevant to the search term entered. If you account is structured properly you can get very granular with the ads you present. The title should be eye catching and if possible include the keyword. Be careful using DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) it can cause problems, but that is in another post. Notice in the ad to the left the ad contains the keyword ‘Payday Loans’ but presents additional information ‘In 1 Hour’ that is useful and eye catching to the searcher.


Description –

The description is the meat of the ad, it is made of of 70 characters (35 on each line.) If you have attracted the searcher with your title, the description will help you close the deal. You as description needs to do two things. Tell the searcher why your better then your competitors (other ads) and have a clear call to action.

You can set yourself apart from competitors by advertising a promotion on your products such as 10% off or the speed of your service or shipping. If possible this should be done in the first line of the description. The second line should continue to separate you from competitors and have a clear call to action. The call to action should be in sync with your conversion. Such as Buy Now! or Sign Up Now! It should set the user up for what will be presented to them in the next page.

Another tip you can use throughout the title and description is to use camel case. This is when you type Text Like This And Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word.

If you follow these tactics and test your ads often, you will be able to increase the overall performance of your ads!

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