What Should You Blog About Next? Let Google Webmaster Tools Tell You

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Writer block is something that can hurt even the most prolific bloggers. Finding that next topic to write about is not easy. Sure you can go run through a search query report and see where what people are searching for in order to reach your site. This will help you cement your place as an authority on the subject matter, hold onto your rankings and hopefully provide an additional boost.

There is another tool out there similar to the search query report that can be even more powerful. In order to find this report you will need to have Google Webmaster Tools installed on your site. Within Webmaster Tools, under the “Your Site On The Web” header there is a report entitled Search Query Report. This report takes the reports available in normal analytics to another level. As you can see in the screenshot below, on the right hand side you can green and red arrows indicating improvements or drop offs in rankings. Essentially this is showing you the momentum behind the keyword search phrase.


Positive Trending Keywords:

The keywords that show a positive change present an opportunity for you to rank for a term. Since Google has already deemed you favorable for that term, it is some low hanging fruit you can easily grab on to. By drafting anew post on that subject or a similar subject, you can add onto the momentum already built.

What you will need to do is assess the opportunity for each keyword. Based on your business model, so any of the keywords that have positive momentum provide you with an opportunity to get more sales or newsletter sign ups?

Negative Trending Keywords:

Looking at the keywords that are dropping in rank also can provide you with some insight and ideas. If you are seeing a drop for one of your more important keywords that may have performed well in the past you should dive deeper into why you are loosing your rankings. Creating additional content could help you regain your lost rankings.

Keeping an eye on this report is a great way to get the ideas flowing in your head when you have hit writers block.

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  1. Jesse says:

    I’ve been using Google Analytics to find what search queries drive traffic to my site but has not thought of using this report. It makes sense to blog about keywords that have momentum behind them because Google already sees your website as favorable for that keyword.

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