Notes and Follow Up From ‘Welcome To The Blogoshpere’

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As mentioned in an earlier blog post, our founder Justin Freid spoke at an event today organized by the CCPA called ‘Welcome to the Blogosphere’. The event focused on understanding how a blog can help your business and the actual technical aspects behind setting up a wordpress blog.

The event was attended by business owners and marketing managers from companies in the Philadelphia area. We had a wide array of attendees from companies selling military tent equipment to clothes for women with hot flashes! And each one walked away with good idea of how blog can help their company and the skills needed to set up and maintain a blog.

Here is a short clip of the beginning of Justin’s presentation:

In this presentation Justin took the attendees through WordPress interface step by step and showed them how to create posts, pages and gave some great SEO tips. For more information about the CCPA you can visit their site.

There were also some great presentation by Audrey Juliene, of RDE Marketing, Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media and Meredith of Meridith Communications.

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