Google Makes Change To Mobile Quality Score

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Having some great Google Reps can be very helpful, especially when they give you great tips and update on how Google judges your account, keywords and ads. Earlier today, we got word right from the horses mouth that Google has changed how they formulate quality score for mobile campaigns.

Previously, mobile keywords were judged in the same fashion as keywords that target desktops and lab tops. This update takes into account if a you are sending a user to the mobile site or a standard website. You will be penalized if your mobile ads direct searchers to a standard site and not a mobile site.

Why Make The Change? 

This makes a lot of sense. Google’s goal is to provide the best user experience for their users, and sending someone to a site full of text and images on a mobile phone is not a quality user experience. Not to mention, from an account management perspective, it is a best practice to have a fully functional mobile site to direct traffic to.

This change reinforces some other best practices that SEM Managers should be using such as creating separate campaigns for the devices you are targeting and the network you are targeting as well. Time to really start riding your dev team to get the mobile site done!

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