Announcing – Philly PPC Meet-Up

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There is no doubt Philly has a great community of Philadelphia SEO and SEM professionals. The city is home to some great full service and boutique agencies.

Over the past few month’s I have been attending SEO Grail – a meet-up organized through where SEO’s get together and talk about the latest trends in search engine optimization. I’ve gotten to meet some of the best and brightest Philly SEO’s out there.

Seeing how this community developed I wanted to create a place for the other side of internet marketing (SEM) to get together and talk shop. So on Wednesday July 6th the first Philly PPC Meet-up will be held at Triumph Brewery.

I’ll be your host and lead the conversation between some of the top SEM’s in Philadelphia. We’ll tackle a wide array of topics in our first meeting and hope everyone comes prepare to both teach and learn from one another.

The event is free and you can register to come here: Philly PPC Meet-up



2 Responses to ‘Announcing – Philly PPC Meet-Up’

  1. Brian says:

    sounds great Justin, I might have to attend and pick your brain

  2. justinfreid says:

    Definitely swing by – sounds like there will be a good crowd. Worst comes to worst we can have a few beers as well.

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